Outfit: Thoughts on Aztec Prints

 I've never once thought Aztec prints to be particularly feminine. Not soft and classy, anyway. And while I do like the way it looks on others, it's just not something I can see myself wearing very often. I'm often reminded of my previous job, where we sold numerous Aztec print leggings. They were bright and funky. Some were pretty out there though. You cannot not notice them. Right along that time, Aztec prints were trending everywhere (and still are). All the store and boutiques had some variation of them. They were boho but edgy at the same time. Not your dreamy bohemian but the more grungy/cool fashion you see quite often these days. I associate them a lot of festival wear. 

  While I didn't jump on that trend, when I spied this 2-piece set recently in Target's clearance section and it was instantly game over. The coral/cream color manages to turn an otherwise urban print into something more girly/cute - meaning, something I would wear. It's made of a cotton blend material so it's light and comfy enough for when the weather heats up (summer is just around the corner!). I normally wouldn't wear a 2-piece set either because I would worry about making the most out of it. I know I'm being silly but I feel like I can't wear it any other way but together forever.

 And finally - drum roll, please - milkmaid braids! My hair is finally long enough to achieve this hairstyle. This makes me a very happy cat. It has been entirely my fault for trimming it though. I couldn't get used to longer hair. It was bothering me so much! My ultimate goal now is long, waist-length mermaid hair. Who am I kidding? Next thing you know, I'll have a pixie again.

I refuse to leave my newfound friend.

P.S. I've been experimenting again in Lightroom, which is why it's taking me forever to churn out posts. But it's just so fun!

What I wore:
Top: Target
Bottom: Target
Sandals: New Look
Photos: John & me



  1. AH! Your hair!!!! It's soooo perfect and lovely! You look so cute and beautiful in milkmaid braids! You should always have your hair in this style!
    Also, the outfit is really cute on you!
    Hope you'll have a great weekend.
    Much love,


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