Outfit: Vintage Through and Through

 As you may already know, I am particularly fond of vintage clothing. There is something unique and timeless about them that I find endearing. This dress in its natural state has large, puffy sleeves. I always meant to alter it myself but I never did get around to it. A simple fix was just to roll it up a bit so as to seem like my shoulders were being gobbled up by all that fabric. I think it looks rather nice this way. The only problem is that the dress doesn't stay buttoned! I had already left the house when I realized this misfortune. Luckily for me, no one else was around to see. And the bobby pins I found in my backpack saved the day!

 Fashion is fickle by nature and trends come and go as quick as the blink of an eye. I am often falling behind and when I do catch up, the new thing is already in. Honestly, I don't mind. I'll go at my own pace and if it's deemed "out of fashion," then so be it. These heels would be considered "granny heels" in this day and age, but I love it dearly. It was in excellent condition when I received it - as if they had never been worn. They have just enough height to make it very suitable for walking. As the weather cools down, I'll be wearing it more often.

 What I wore:
Dress: vintage via eBay
Heels: vintage via Etsy
Watch: Oasis via ASOS
Backpack: Target



  1. I so understand with what you mean in your post!
    I also love vintage it is always so classy and pretty :)
    Just like your outfit ! Totally love it :)


  2. I've never followed fashion either. Which is why I really prefer calling my blog a "style blog" because I don't know squat about fashion. But, as you say, so be it. Style isn't always about trends, and if what I like happens to be the "preferred style of the masses" this season, then that's just what it is. Lovely dress, by the way ;)

    Alive as Always

    1. Thank you, Bivi! I love your style though. It's cute and unique. You have an eye for interesting pieces! :D

  3. Beautiful dress. I also find vintage clothing timeless, or rather it transcends time!


    1. Thank you! I agree, they really do transcend time. You never know what they've been experienced and you're just another carrier, adding content to its threads of history. And who knows, it may get passed down to another. :)


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