Weekend Outfit: Romancing in Soft Florals

 We stumbled upon this lovely fence of overreaching bougainvillea just a few feet away from a bike trail that runs along the canal. We could not have found a better place than this. The blossoms looked so charming, quietly basking in the soft glow of sunlight. They grew in abundance, spouting a torrent of bright fuchsia petals, just beyond on the other side. However, entrance to it was gated off as it was private property.

 This skirt has been with me a long time. Its soft, dreamy rose floral print and light cotton texture were a match made in heaven. I cannot imagine a summer without it. And I acquired this thrifted belt by sheer luck! It's a rather sad and funny story. I was at the flea market perusing through a mountain of leather belts. I had seen a couple of girls with this particular belt and I thought how beautiful the leather looked. It turned out they no longer wanted it and discarded it back in the pile. So, I quickly snatched it up lest they return, all the while rejoicing to myself, "It was mine, all mine!" I suppose they changed their minds because they did come back. And when they saw it in my hands, they looked so devastated that I almost wanted to let them have it. Needless to say, the belt is now forever in my possession.

What I wore:
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: MNG via JCPenney
Sandals: vintage via Etsy
Belt: vintage thrifted



  1. Ethereal photos, so lovely



  2. Wow! Those photos are stunning! And what a lovely outfit! That skirt is just darling.



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