Outfit: Lavender & Sage

 How I wish to be roaming the fields of lavender bushes! Alas, I must settle for these and pretend that there are more than just four of them all lined up against the sidewalk. Houses of ordinary folk lay just beyond. Despite feeling like a treacherous inferno, the day was beautiful and clear with wisps of clouds stretched across the sky. A hummingbird on silent wings granted us a visit, imbibing in the nectar of the lavender blossoms. Butterflies flitted by in their soft, playful way, and a gasp escaped from our lips as our eyes alighted on their vibrant patterns.

 This dress, with its silky chiffon texture and soft sage color, appears quite elegant and ethereal. I bought it at a random boutique whilst shopping for something else entirely. And though I am no Grecian goddess, I certainly felt rather pretty in it! I'm sure it could look formal if I wore heels, but I was in no mood for that (and I'm an absolute klutz in them). And so, I slipped on some lace-up sandals and threw on a metallic braided belt for a lighter, daytime look.

What I wore:
Dress: boutique
Belt: UO
Sandals: DSW



  1. Gorgeous outfit and photos..I love the way you styled this dress with the belt and sandals! And absolutely beautiful writing! I wish I could be frolicking in lavender bushes too. :)

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful! So very artistic. And the dress looks lovely on you, and the styling is great with that fantastic belt.
    Loved the little story you told also.
    Very nice post!

  3. That's such a beautiful dress, I love the soft color. I'm always on the look out for spots along the side of the road filled with flowers like this, though it's usually only a couple. My dream is to come across an entire field of sunflowers!



    1. Thank you very much, Laura. That is also my dream! I've yet to find one but it's going to happen one of these days.

  4. That olive looks simply stunning against the purple. What a gorgeous look! I especially love the drape of your dress!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    1. I thank you for your kind words, Stephanie! I love the olive color against the purple, too. :)


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