Outfit: Eyes Behold, Tales Untold

 I'm a huge sucker for floral prints and ruffles. And when it comes 2-n-1? Please, just take my wallet. As soon as I saw this "tea dress" on ASOS, I couldn’t help but envision myself attending tea at a garden party amidst delightful characters of palatable eccentricities. Of course, a giant maze in the back of a lovely mansion wouldn’t hurt either. And there is going to be an enormous tree with a hole into which I shall fall just like Alice herself. I will have myself a great many adventures in Wonderland with no viable ears around to hear me utter my tale. And who would believe me, anyway?

 Surely, not you, dear reader?

 While I wish I could sip tea and nibble on biscuits and dainty sandwiches all day long, it wouldn’t be a very efficient use of my time (something I seem to be lacking all too often these days). In this sweet, sky blue dress with its crimson floral print and ruffle trim, I did feel quite ladylike and much deserving of teatime. Scones, anyone? I'll have an Earl Grey, please and thank you!


 What I wore:
Dress: ASOS
Sandals: New Look
Photos: John & me



  1. This dress is adorable. You look so perfect in it!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    Much love,


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