Outfit: Lavender & Sweet Jasmine

 Spring is long gone now and can't help but feel a little pang in my heart when I look back on these photos with a sense of nostalgia. We were on our way to lunch and passed by this beautiful area. It was secluded and not a soul was in sight. It was so picturesque like a still from a painting come alive. It was like we were in a separate space. A different plane of existence far removed from modern society with its complex housing and paved roads right next to it. And as we slowly walked along the shaded dirt path, the soft, alluring aroma of jasmine blossoms wafted under our noses. We were filled with wonderment. We couldn't keep the smiles off our faces. How could we resist photographing in this lovely setting with its magical, glittering backdrop and dappled sunlight filtering through.


What I wore:
Dress: mall boutique
Sandals: London Rebel
Backpack: mall boutique
Photos: John & me



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