Outfit: In My Wake Lies Spring

Please excuse me for the lack of posts lately. I've been working on creating a different look for my photos. I'm not 100% sure about the way it turned out in this photo set as I'm still experimenting. So far, I'm pretty satisfied. I'll probably tweaking things here and there as time goes on. Anyway, it's been warm enough recently that I can done this "spring" attire without any need for a coat or jacket. Winter in So Cal doesn't get too crazy and doesn't seem to stay very long. It's been an average of 65-70 degrees. I want that bone-chilling kind of coldness where I can see my breath in the air as I exhale, where I have to be bundled up in millions of layers and a giant scarf wrapped around my neck. I can't complain though. The weather has been rather mild and pleasant.

My favorite thing about this skirt is the bow detail in the back. It's hardly noticeable but it makes me smile. It's adorable, I think. The skirt itself is so simple and dainty with the most flattering cut. It moves so prettily when I walk. I especially love when it catches in the wind. I actually have it in two other colors. They were on sale at UO for only $10 each at the time. I couldn't resist!

What I wore:
Top: H&M
Skirt: UO
Flats: Target
Photos: John



  1. The skirt is lovely - so beautiful. And these photos makes me miss Spring sooo much!
    Much love,


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