TBT: Postcards From Seattle: Vista Point #1

 I'm all for road trips - to a certain extent. I've never attempted a cross-country drive before. I do have that on my bucket list, however! A couple of years ago, we took a week off from work and drove east to Colorado. It was about a 14-15 hour drive. The landscape was rather drab and dreary. Last year (it was only a few days before the new year, really, so it fairly recent!), we drove up north to Seattle, WA. Oh, the drive was beautiful. Despite it being an 18 hour drive, I could watch the landscape for hours and never tire of it. Anyhow, we loved all the vista points we passed. I don't recall what this one was called but I loved it so much! Stay tuned. There will be more to come...!


Until next time...!



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