TBT: Postcards from Seattle: Pike Place Market

 We ventured to Pike Place Market our first full day in Seattle. We fell in love with the place and easily spent an entire day there. I've got to say, Seattle really does make the best coffee. We went to five different coffee shops throughout our stay and every cappuccino I had was delicious. Sweet, rich, and aromatic. The baristas have really perfected the art of lovely, lush foam. Oh, the foam! I was blown away. It was so thick and velvety and creamy. I'm crying right now because I can't get anything like that here in So Cal.

 For breakfast, we went to Pike Place Chowder. Initially, we were turned off by the line but the guy ushering the line said the wait was only 20 minutes. If you'd seen how long it was, you would immediately turn right back around and leave as many did. The wait wasn't bad at all. We ordered the sampler and half a lobster roll. While all were tasty, I would get the original clam chowder next time. Whatever was in the chef special that day gave me hives later that night! I am a little allergic to seafood so I guess it was my fault.

 We had this genius idea to walk all the way to Pioneer Square from Pike Place, which was only about 1 mile, and then the even more spectacular idea to walk all the way back to our AirBnB, which turned out to be another 4 mile walk in 30F degree weather with chilly wind blasting around us. To this day, I have no idea what possessed us to such a thing. Anyway, we ended up walking so much that all the calories we ate (Pike Place Chowder, Jack's Fish Spot, and Piroshky's) that day was pretty much all used up. I think we even lost weight while stuffing out faces the entire time! No wonder everyone there looked so slim and fit despite all the gloriously delicious eateries around the area.

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