Adventure: The Flower Fields

Oh, how lovely it was! I felt like waltzing through the flowers and singing "The Hills are Alive" with arms wide open. Too bad it was incredibly crowded! I'd do it if I was alone - probably. The weather had blessed us with a clear sunny sky, albeit 90 degree temperature. I could say, "It's such a beautiful day," over and over and it still wouldn't be enough. The drafts of gusty wind cooled us down wonderfully. Many times I've had my hat fly off my head and I'd have to chase after it.

After our 19-hour drive to Seattle, WA last year in December, this 2-hour drive to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad flew by like nothing. Well, I was mostly super excited about seeing the flower fields for the first time (and the beautiful oceanic drive along PCH). For the past couple of years, we had always said we would go, but somehow something always came up or we would be so busy with our lives that we’d unfortunately forget about it. I was adamant about going this year though. I was not about to miss this opportunity again! It is open seasonally from March to May so timing is crucial.

It sure looks like the flowers come up to my knees, but really...

Since Phil's BBQ in San Diego was only 30 minutes away from The Flower Fields, we had to stop by for dinner. After our lively romp in the fields, we were ravenous. BBQ ribs and colossal beer battered onion rings was all we could think about and nobody does it quite like Phil's!

P.S. I'd love to try Texas BBQ one day, though. To this day, I'm haunted by the fact that I never got to try it despite spending a whole week there!


What I wore:
Dress: Larmoni
Cardigan: Larmoni
Hat: Forever21
Sandals: New Look
Backpack: Target
Photos: John & me



  1. These photos are magnificent! So so beautiful!
    You look so sweet and lovely. The dress is absolutely beautiful, and you wear it so well.
    I would love to go there. Looks lovely.
    Much love,


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