Outfit: Pathway of Secrets

 We had originally planned to drive down to San Diego for Phil’s BBQ and visit the Flower Fields along the way. However, I wanted to see the flowers underneath bright, lovely sunshine and that was not going to happen. We woke up on Saturday to the loud thunder of rain pounding on the roof over our heads. I checked the forecast just in case and yep, 100% chance of rain and cloud cover. That vision of me standing in the fields happy smiling as the sun beat down on me was not going to happen. So, ended our plans for that Saturday.

 Luckily, by chance, we ventured into this canal. Normally, it’s securely locked – entirely out of the public’s reach. And I do understand the reason why. The walkway gives you a fine view of people’s backyards. Invasion of privacy is always a sensitive issue. While I initially feared we would get locked in, but that fear soon fell away once I saw how beautiful the canal turned out to be. It reminded me of the suburban/country side in Japan. It was beautiful! I would love to have a house along this canal. As it doesn’t rain too often, I doubt it would look as pretty. Still, it's hard to imagine something like this existed behind the gates. Reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia. A whole different world once you cross the threshold. It looked so ordinary and boring that you would never think much of it as you drive past it, which I do every single day. You can say the gates of opportunity opened up for us this weekend.

 While I wanted to showcase this awesome handmade, vintage dress (I’m obviously going to wear it again another day – it really is awesome!), I think this coat with its enormous hood deserves all the attention. It is indeed very thick and heavy, but it does an excellent job of keeping me warm and toasty. I sometimes get the feeling that I’m drowning in it. What better way to wear it than on a rainy day! Forget umbrellas. This hood does all the work for me. It’s rather dangerous though. It covers my entire face if I’m not careful and I end up bumping into things. John said I looked like some sort of Jedi or assassin or something possibly sinister.

 It did bug me later that the hood was inside out! We were so caught up in the moment and excitement of exploring an unknown area that we didn’t bother with details. We wanted to venture deeper inside and see where it would take us, but it was beginning to rain hard. Perhaps umbrellas are a necessity, after all.

P.S. I really wish this canal was part of my backyard, too.


What I wore:
Dress: thrifted vintage (handmade)
Coat: Oasap.com
Boots: vintage from Etsy
Photos: John & me



  1. The coat is absolutely wonderful - I understand why you wanted the attention to be on it. It looks so comfy, and very stylish.
    Lovely photos as usual.
    Much love,


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