Outfit: Paper Cranes & Candied Dreams

 We had happily sauntered off to the mall on Easter Sunday for this matcha soft serve ice cream I was craving. It's only served there and I had to have it. I was going to kill someone if I didn't get it. Yea, blame mother nature dropping her beloved gift every month. Like fools, we didn't realize most shops would be closed. We were astonished that the mall itself was open at all. We wandered (moped) around for a while until we came across this paper art installation.

 It reminded me of the ones I saw when I was in Japan many long years ago. Only it wasn't so lighthearted and innocent as it appears here. This is celebrating renewal of life. The tulips represent earth waking up in colors after a long, grey winter and the cranes represent life born during this spring season. In the same sense, isn't this what we call hope? A light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Follow the white rabbit...!

 I remember a time in high school when origami was all the rage. I only ever knew how to make boxes and paper cranes. And since boxes aren't all the exciting to make, I defaulted to paper cranes. I remember all the girls I hung out with making tons of stars from colorful pre-cut strips of paper. We'd all have these glass jars and fill them up with all the tiny cranes and stars we folded. Filling them with our happiness and love. Some would give smaller jars away as friendship/birthday gifts. Ahh, how sweet those memories. When everything was innocent. When we filled those jars with our candied dreams.

You know you're short when your feet don't touch the ground.


What I wore:
Jacket: Target
Dress: The Other Sparrow
Sandals: ASOS
Photos: John & me



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