Outfit: Eyelets & Thrifted Denim

 I almost didn't want to wear this outfit just because I felt like I was showing too much skin. But then I realized that this was nothing compared to other people who wear super short shorts (I can literally see their butt cheeks!) and revealing tops in the summer. I figured I was safe. Anyway, I would only wear this sort of crop top if my bottom piece was high waisted - like this H&M skirt (I wore it once here). I'm not one to feel terribly comfortable baring my midriff for all the world to see. However, I couldn't loved the marsala color and eyelet details so much that I was determined to find a way to work it into my wardrobe. There was a matching skirt but all the ones in my size were gone (and I didn't think it was worth the price anyway).

 Right after these photos were taken, we were chased off by security. While it's not private property, it's not exactly public property either. I've been here multiple times with and without permission so I was surprised when the security lady told us to leave. I probably won't be coming back to this area anymore as I'd rather avoid trouble. It's too bad though. Such a pretty little place with tons of photo opportunities! And as it was, we didn't get to finish the shoot so we went to our local library that's got this lovely grassy area with beautiful trees.

   Now that I'm determined to grow my hair to at least waist length after 4+ years of shoulder length hair, I've finally started using conditioner.  I remember my mother blasting the waves out of my hair with a blow dryer set on high heat in an attempt to control my wild mass of frizzy hair. Let's just say, that was not the answer to controlling unruly hair. I truly believed conditioner was going to weigh down my hair and make it greasy. Was it any wonder why my hair often looked like a rat's nest (or one of those straw brooms according to my mother)?

   Well, after 8 years without it, I now saturate the length of my hair with Yes to Carrots Nourishing conditioner every time I wash my hair. The frizz is much more manageable and the waves are more defined. Took me this long to realize that my hair had been screaming for moisture all these years. I almost feel bad.


What I wore:
Top: Forever21
Skirt: thrifted
Sandals: ASOS
Photos: John & me



  1. Aww poor hair. But great that you finally learned the secret to how you should care for it.
    I LOVE this outfit. The top is so cute, and you're hardly showing any midriff with the high waisted skirt. You're fine! Not to much skin - just enough skin I would say ;D You look great in it!!
    Hope you are having a great week.
    Much love,


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