Outfit: The Woman in White

This post's title makes a mere passing allusion to the actual novel by Wilkie Collins. I always meant to read it but it turned out to be one of those novels that I'd pick up and put down soon after. And since I was donned from top to bottom in white, I thought, "Why not?" This dress is super old. It's been in my closet since my middle school years (I've already graduated college!). I beginning to think it's about time to let this one go. It's such a lovely dress though!

I really felt like I should've been amid a field of sunflowers or on a high meadow singing "The Sound of Music" at the top of my lungs. Some things just aren't possible. So, instead we made a stop by this lovely orchard with its row of large potted trees. I have long since stopped wishing for fall foliage to grace me with its beautiful, warm russet hues. I have begun instead to live vicariously through other people's instagram posts and shedding silent tears. Patience, my dear. It will come in time. Such is life.

P.S. From today onward, I will be in Texas and Kansas for a big family reunion so there will possibly be a lack of posts for the next couple of weeks! I've never been to either states so I'm giddy with excitement right now.

What I wore:
Dress: old
Sandals: New Look
Hat: old



  1. Oh dear, this dress is so pretty and you look stunning in it! Please don't give it away, it's such a treasure it should stay with you forever!

    1. Thank you, Klara! It really is a treasure. I haven't seen anything like it since. And I've managed to keep it around for this long. I'm sure it won't hurt to keep it a little longer. :)


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