TBT: Musings in Japan: The Beginning

I had started a blog years ago with the intention of documenting my stay in Japan. Sadly, I only made one post and the rest was history. I'm not sure what happened. I remember feeling quite zealous about it at the time, making empty promises to update it once a day. After viewing these old photos and remembering the moment I took them, I am now drowning in regret. So, I thought I'd do a weekly installment about my four month stay in Japan. Something I can look back on when I'm feeling nostalgic. Better late than never, yes?

Despite the dangers of radiation when the earthquake that year destroyed the nuclear power plant in the Fukushima district, the program I enrolled in was still open. There were, of course, fears from family members and friends, but I still decided to go that summer for the fall quarter. I lived in a little dorm owned by a cute elderly couple. You know the cicadas you hear in the anime shows/movies? They sound just the same in real life. Almost comical, if you ask me. The dorm was located right by this riverbank. It's right near that tree you see.

My walkway to and from school every day, or anywhere for that matter. I lived in Yokohama, a beautiful suburban area about a twenty minute train ride away from Tokyo. I grew up in a society that was heavily dependent on commuting by car. Despite that, I loved being able to walk or take the train anywhere. Though, morning and evening rush hour was not for the faint of heart.

 Unfortunately, my room did not overlook the beautiful riverbank. You see the cars in the lower middle? I noticed everyone parked their cars like that. Oh, also the vehicles are more compact too.

 Please excuse the sorry state in which you see my futon. We were supposed to put it away every day and hang it over our rails to dry in the sun, but not everyone did because honestly, we were lazy. Really, please forgive us. So disrespectful!

 This would happen to be the very first picture I took as soon as I got off the plane. Our first meal together was at a Japanese restaurant I forgot the name of. Of course, I ordered tonkatsu.

This little taiyaki booth would become very popular with us students. The man inside couldn't keep from laughing while we all stood and snapped pictures of him making the taikyaki - paparazzi style. I think he was feeling shy. During autumn, they had a seasonal pumpkin flavor, which was my favorite.

Until next time...!

P.S. I'm not sure what direction my blog seems to be going, but I want to post all these things...



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