Outfit: The Stargazer

Even as a child, I was always interested in astronomy. How my eyes would light up should they witness a shooting star streak across the dark night sky. Ephemeral and radiant. The thing that always gets me is that our galaxy is just one of billions in the vast universe. How many other habitable planets must there be? How many other lifeforms? How insignificant everything seems then. My life seems to matter little in the grand scheme of the universe. I'm just this tiny little human being living on a planet in one galaxy. And to think that our living sun is just one of billions in the Milky Way. Now times that by all the other galaxies out there and just how many stars are there out there? Way too many to count.

So, I thought it was only appropriate that I give this starry night print dress a permanent home in my wardrobe. Because let's face it. Being an adult isn't easy. And all too often, during our trek through the muddy waters of adulthood, we forget what it's like to have fun. So, let's forget our worries for a second and wear some fun prints. Ruffle up some leaves and let your inner child out!

Good bye!


What I wore:
Coat: vintage
Blouse: Family Affairs
Oxfords: Miz Mooz
Photos: me



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