TBT: Musings in Japan: Tokyo DisneySea

 We awoke before the sun showed its face this prospective day. Yes, we were tired and bleary eyed during the ride to the amusement park, but as we drew near our destination, an excitement built up in all of us and spread like an infectious disease. Suddenly, we were babbling and fidgeting in our seats as children do when they can barely contain themselves. And at last, we were there, eyes glittering and bright and smiles stretched across our faces. At last, we had arrived at Tokyo DisneySea.

 Here you see Mount Prometheus, where we rode on the ride, "Journey to the Center of the Earth." It really felt as if we were though. I think this was my favorite ride of all the ones we went on. If you can't already tell, DisneySea is built around a nautical theme. Since we don't have one in the states, this was the obvious choice for us.

Apparently, this engraved print of Mickey Mouse can be found all over the park. I felt really lucky to have accidentally found even one! The snacks here were quite interesting. There was a milk tea flavored popcorn that was favorite among us all. It was so good. I only wish I could find something similar to it here in the States.

The Arabian Coast and Mermaid Lagoon were my favorite areas to walk around. The buildings and landscape were stunning. For a truly aquatic experience, the Mermaid Lagoon was the place to be. I loved the interior. There was even a statue of a smiling Moby Dick (I think?) with lethargically blinking eyes. I thought the jellyfish were like large floating lanterns.We dined here for lunch at Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen.

 As the sky darkened to night, we scouted the area for the best view of the the highly anticipated fireworks show. How lovely and nostalgic the lights seemed reflected in water. The loud raucous of daytime meanderings now subdued in the lull of quiet anticipation. The restless silence unperturbed by the hum of low murmurs and soft laughter. And then the first of many shot up in the blackened sky, exploding in a brilliant display of colored lights. In the company of warm friends all gasping at the sight, I thought the view was excellent. A perfect ending to a most magical day.

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