TBT: Musing in Japan: Kyoto Pt. 3

 Here at last we come to the final leg of the three-part Kyoto post. Our destination this time was Arashiyama. There was much to see here and we were short on time. And, oh, it was so overwhelmingly beautiful. Historical buildings in preserved architecture line the streets of one way. Oi River stretches gently across the landscape where riverboats hug the edges of civilization. With the sun already past noon, we grew increasingly aware of the passage of time. How I ached to spend a little longer here.

 Our first stop was Iwatayama Monkey Park. We hiked up what seemed like an endless amount of mountainous steps to reach the top where the actual park was. Once there, we immediately saw countless monkeys roaming freely about the grounds. You could even feed them if you wanted. While us humans watched them timidly from a distance, they went about their business as if we did not exist. The baby monkeys were so adorable!

 Unfortunately, night had fallen fast by the time we made it out of the Monkey Park. There was not enough light to stroll through the Bamboo Forest. It would have been so lovely under the sunlight. Our Japanese buddies took us to Sweets of Ninja, which was a ninja-themed buffet. we even got to pose with one at the end. Pretty sweet, if you don't mind me saying!

P.S. Also, there are dessert buffets in Japan! As someone with a huge sweet-tooth, obviously I went and left more than satisfied. Of course, it did no good for my developing wheel barrow then, but I had no regrets. It was delicious.

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