Adventure: Queen Mary's CHILL: Alice in Wonderland Themed

 I had a rather eventful weekend full of music and dancing and cheerful holiday merrymaking. One of those nights we attended the Queen Mary CHILL event featuring a brightly lit Alice in Wonderland themed maze. I'd say this was the highlight of night. I had been convinced that ice skating was included with the general admission ticket but I was clearly wrong. It was an additional $15 on top of the Groupon ticket we purchased. As soon as we saw the actual rink, we were ecstatic that we had decided against it. It was really small and absolutely not worth it, imho.

Each section of the maze was different and included photo sessions with Alice, the White Queen, and the Red Queen. Alice's room was the best. It featured unique interactive wall panels: one where you stick your hands inside to feel whatever was in there, one where you turn a knob to activate a screen, another one where you peek into a small keyhole to catch glimpses of tiny little things, etc.
Though we arrived with only a few hours until closing, and despite it being really crowded (don't remember if I said it before but I dislike crowded places), all in all, I had a pleasant time. I was initially disappointed that the actual event was located outside of the Queen Mary, but it makes sense for this to be outdoors. There were carnival rides and many food booths, which mostly took only cash and which we failed to carry on us that night! We had already stood in line and were ready to order hot apple cider and warm, crispy churros to go with it, happy as could be. Then, the joyous light in our eyes vanquished as soon as they alighted on the sign "CASH ONLY". Our life force shriveled into cold black coals, the ghosts of our souls seeping out of our gaping mouths. We slowly and mournfully walked away. The sweet lingering scent of cinnamon and sugar trailed after us. Ah, I could almost taste it. Such treachery.

 So sad. A child lost her precious little mitten!


What I wore:
Coat: Target (similar)
Dress: Choies
Oxfords: Miz Mooz
Beret: me
Photos: John & me



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