TBT: Musings in Japan: Miyajima Deer Island

 As touristy as we could be decked out with cameras of all types, here we were on our walk to the ferry boat that would take us to Miyajima Island, renown for the deer populating the island. This was part of our trip to Hiroshima, which I had somehow forgotten to include. Oops!

 Our first sighting of deer turned out to be this docile fawn. Look at it's delicate dotted hide! So adorable. Apparently, one of our buddies had a rather unfortunate encounter with a group of deer attempting to snatch his snack out of his hand. It was bizarre to see deer so social and friendly. The ones I've seen in the wild dart and hide away at the slightest sound. These ones actually let you approach and touch them. It was pretty magical to say the least.

 The rest of the island was absolutely stunning with quaint areas where the original architecture was still intact. This torii gate was enormous. You can see from here how big it was compared to the people standing next to it. Unfortunately, it was a little flooded around the gate so only those brave enough to suffer wet shoes and socks ventured out to see it up close.

 We loved this area so much we couldn't help snapping some silly photos. I remember being so tired that I didn't want to take pictures anymore, but I knew I would regret it later if I didn't. Looking back on these, the memories gush forward with a warmth and fuzziness that makes me smile. I remember us all eating Japanese soft serve ice cream during the treacherous summer season. The texture is just right: light, creamy, sweetly satisfying. The Black Sesame flavor is to die for. There is nothing quite like it. Oh, how I miss Japan!

 This little store was so interesting because all the way in the back was this stunning garden (pictured below). It's blocked by a massive glass window. How relaxing it must be to be able to gaze upon something so serene while working.

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