TBT: Musings in Japan: Homesick & Celebrating Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving is not a traditional holiday for the Japanese, but they are aware that we Americans celebrate it. Many of us during our stay experienced bouts of homesickness as the holiday season drew near. We began to miss our family and friends back home and the special foods that are cooked and served during that time. My Japanese language sensei invited us over to her house to bring a piece of home to us. I thought that was such a nice gesture. As you can see, there was even an oven roasted turkey!

We had a delicious salad with nice lovely slivers of salmon sashimi. I don't remember what the dish above was called. There was a layer of rice at the bottom with thinly sliced eggs strewn over. It was topped with some sort of salted salmon bits (which were really good!) and bits of seaweed. I remember liking it very much.

 For dessert, we had apple crumble pie, taiyaki (fish shaped pastries with filling), and cream puffs. Everything was so good. I ate until I couldn't anymore. It was the best! Oh, how I love the holidays.

 If you can't tell, sensei's cat was deathly afraid of strangers and refused to let go of her daughter's arm.Too bad, it was so cute. I wanted to pet it so badly. And I've got to say, the cats in Japan - even the strays - look so darn adorable. They've got cute, round faces, shorter limbs and nice, fat paws that make me just want to squeeze them!

At the end of our meal, while stuffed and bloated, we snapped a photo of all us to commemorate the moment. And as I look upon these photos, I can't help but recall the warm memories of my time there. The pull of nostalgia is great and I miss Japan dearly.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Until next time...!



  1. Isn't that dish above, the one with scattered egg and salmon shavings (?) called Chirashizushi? I could be wrong but it sure does look like one.

    Alive as Always


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