TBT: Musings in Japan: Okunoshima

 Last week's #tbt post featured Miyajima Island, which we all dubbed the "deer island". This week, I'll be talking about our visit to Okunoshima, which we accordingly dubbed the "bunny island". It houses a large population of bunny rabbits, who also do not shy away from people and will approach you. We toured the island in the midst of a sweltering summer day. It was quite grueling to listen for long periods of time with the sun shining ruthlessly down on us. We learned that during WWII, poison gas was produced in a factory built on the island, which had been chosen because it was so isolated and was not even on the map. The poison gas were tested on the bunnies that populated the island. So sad!
 Look at this little guy sleeping in the shade! So adorable.

 We were given the choice of attending a baseball game and I, along with a majority of our study abroad group, opted to attend. I had always heard the Japanese were very enthusiastic about it. I never cared too much for baseball (and I still don't), but I wanted to experience it anyway. Unfortunately, I did not understand the game itself. The crowd, however, was what made it really enjoyable. The Japanese were so coordinated in their chanting and dancing that I couldn't help but get carried along with the fever of their excitement. And in the end, everyone threw up these pink balloons. This was probably the best part. I had to wonder where they got them because I had not seen a stand that sold balloons.

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