Outfit: A Fuschia With You

This outfit post is long overdue, but let's put that behind us now. Fuchsia is not a color I thought I would ever wear in my lifetime. I thought it suited paler skin so prettily and would never work on me. However, since donning this loud, bright color in the midst of winter, I think it looks just fine on my darker, golden skin. In fact, I wouldn't mind adding more articles of clothing in this vivid hue to my wardrobe. This wool-blend skirt is from JOA, a branch of the women's clothing company I work for. I purchased it during the winter sample sale at work back in November. From the corner of my eye, I saw it staring vivdly back at me. It was the last one on the rack and before I knew it, I had it in my possession. It did take me a while to gather the courage to wear it though. It's quite tight and formfitting, but I love the way it looks. And it makes me happy wearing it!

I thought pairing the skirt with this cute bunny rabbit print cardigan would tone down the clean lines and severe structure of the skirt, but I think it drew more attention! It really did appeal to my more playful side. And why not? Fuchsia is such a fun color to wear. For someone who can be painfully shy, I didn't mind how attention-grabbing it was. Well, if you consider how high the slit is in the back as well... I was a little fearful I might accidentally reveal more than I wanted though. Anyway, this was easily one of my favorite outfits of the year so far. I'll probably wear it again in different variations.

What I wore:
Cardigan: Oasap
Skirt: JOA
Oxfords: eBay
Photos: John & me



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