Outfit: A Blob of Green

 I enjoy wearing this vintage dress way too much. It's got gold accented zipped pockets. It's constructed of a very strong and soft polyester blend. I can easily get 5+ years more out of it. When I first saw it, however, I really thought it was baumwolle or a sort of corduroy. Anyway, I really enjoy blinding people with its bright Kelly Green shade. The color appears much more subdued in these photos, but it will definitely catch your eye if seen in person. It's one of the brightest article of clothing I own. I love to pair this dress with boots but I can't bear to stuff my feet into them this time of year!

Pockets make me happy!


What I wore:
Dress: vintage via Etsy
Sandals: ASOS (sale)
Backpack: Target
Photos: John & me



  1. Oh it does look like corduroy! And I love the colour soooo much! You should always wear green!
    Pockets make me happy too ;)
    Much love,


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