Outfit: Frolicking in Vintage Florals

 This outfit is from this past weekend. Lavender is my favorite color and lilac is a close second. Invariably, I am drawn to purple hues. Cooler tones in general. Never been a fan of red - aside from red lippies, but that's another matter altogether! I'd been searching many months for the perfect lavender floral maxi dress and lo-and-behold the most beautiful thing that ever crossed my eyes. I knew I'd never have any luck searching through for something like this at a department store (or I'm just lazy), and since I've always had good luck on Etsy, I found it. This was the one...the most perfect dress that ever existed, and I felt like it had been made just for me. Who cares if it once belonged to another and possibly as old as me? It is now mine and only mine. My precious... You already know, I'm never letting you go.

On another note, I've set a long term goal of growing my hair down to hip length just to see if I can. From my understanding, I am aware that it is going to take a very long time, several years at least. I've had my hair waist length before when I was younger but never any longer. I'm rather curious and quite impatient! As it's grown longer, it's gotten a lot wavier. It always surprises me because when it was at shoulder length, there was hardly any wave/wurl. Just lots of oddly floppy ends that remind me of indecisive Magikarps.

Running up...!
So I can run down...
...like this, ungracefully because I an clumsy and awkward.
P.S. It's already the last day of August! This month has been rather stale in terms of blog posts, but I promise it'll be better next month.


What I wore:
Dress: vintage via Etsy
Hat: Forever21
Sandals: New Look
Photos: John & me



  1. Lovely dress! It is so perfect on you! Looks like it was made for you and the colour is to die for! I love purple hues too!
    Gorgeous you, and stunning photos - as always!
    Much love,

  2. AHAHAHAHA I'm sorry but I can't help laughing at those pictures of you running up and down, Zoey! You are just truly adorable!
    Also, I support your hair choice—and I'm thinking of doing the same!—plus LOVE how you compare your hair to a Magikarp :') When my hair grows long, it surprises me too. I didn't know it could become so wavy, since it's always been so straight in shorter form. But I think it's a pleasant surprise ;)

    Alive as Always


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