Outfit: Linen & Stripes

 Good morning, everyone. These summer days have blasted all the creativity out of me, so I thought I'd do a slight remix of this outfit. It just so happens to be my very second outfit post as well. What a difference a year makes. The only thing I've swapped out are the sandals. Otherwise, the outfit is essentially the same. I simply cannot live without linen and light woven cotton these days. And don't forget those stripes to spice things up. On another note, I didn't realize I'd changed so much until I looked at the photos side by side. I sort of miss my short hair. If I recall correctly, I'd gotten one cut and two trims the entire year since. Not bad, I say!

I was extremely shy and anxious then. If anyone ever came across me being photographed, I would immediately stop and wait for them to disappear before resuming. I care less now and try not to let it bother me. People will look and make their judgments - whether positive or negative. I'm naturally introverted so I'd still much prefer somewhere more isolated (like this shaded pathway!). Usually, these places are more aesthetically pleasing anyway. I've come a long way but I've still much more to learn.

P.S. Must resist urge to cut bangs...!


What I wore:
Romper: Forever21 (old)
Sandals: Nicole
Hat: Forever21 (old)
Photos: John & me



  1. You look lovely and the romper looks so comfy!!
    Resist the urge!!! Resist it!!! You can do it!
    Hope you're having a great week.
    Much love,


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