Outfit: Starting a Jungle

 In a desperate attempt to bring more moisture into the dry winter air, I bought a few indoor plants - particularly English ivy, pothos, and aloe vera - this past weekend at a local orchard. My skin and scalp gets so dry during this time of the year. Turning on the heater doesn't help either. I have to immediately slather copious amounts of lotion after showering or my skin gets super dry/flaky/itchy. I thought cowashing would be moisturizing enough for my scalp but apparently it's not. So, I have recently resorted to oiling my scalp with an olive/castor oil blend the night before I wash just to get relief from the dryness. I did try spreading a couple of drops after while my scalp/hair were still damp but that made my hair kind of greasy looking so I stopped doing that.

I have used a humidifer before but it didn't seem to help much. I wanted to go the natural route this time around, and I figured the plants would liven up my room if anything. I did some research and the plants I bought are supposed to help regulate humidity provided I water them enough. And they're relatively easy to care for. I'll be the first to admit I don't have a green thumb. All plants I've cared for in the past have died by my hands. Oh, the horror! So, if the claims are true and they really do live through anything, I'm hoping these will last a while. I'm quite fond of English ivy. I'm not exactly sure just how many plants I need to create the kind of humidity I need though. Who knows, the next time you hear from me, my room will have turned into a jungle!


What I wore:
Coat: vintage
Dress: H&M
Oxfords: vintage
Purse: She + Lo (gift)
Photos: John & me



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