Outfit: Colors of the Earth

This plaza next to an old mission was so fun to waltz through. The original chapel itself is beautiful, but is quite small. A newer, bigger one had been constructed long ago right next to it to accommodate the mass of people who attend each week. The area nearby is often used to take wedding photos. I'm not surprised. The area is gorgeous and much of the original architecture is still preserved. We were smitten by this corridor with its row of wide open arches. The light filtering in was so lovely.

This was the cutest little boutique we had ever stumbled across. We weren't sure if it was open so we tried to be as quick as we could lest the owners think us silly kids messing with their plants! The interior was adorable. We felt guilty for trying to take direct shots so I was made to pose in the lovely garden bench while John sneaked in angled shots of it.

I'm a huge sucker for the 60's mod style. Maybe not the Twiggy makeup or the hair, but definitely the fashion. I can't imagine myself pulling off the look very well, however. So, I thought a toned down mod-inspired outfit would do just fine. And what do you know, I really liked it. I love this H&M dress and how it flows as I walk. I liked it so much I bought another one in a different print, which you will probably see on the blog in the future. Anyway, these are the sweetest heels I have recently purchased. They're a comfortable height and have got the most wonderful arch and shape. They're not brand new as I had bought them off Etsy, but they're certainly new to me!

What I wore:
Dress: H&M
Heels: Etsy 
Photos: John



  1. Oh my, Zoey! What are you talking about? You would look awesome in 60s mod style, I could imagine you wearing tons of retro prints already. Love this look, by the way!

    Also, you were right, this is one absolutely adorable plaza. And those colourful doors? The cutest! Of course, having you in the pictures just elevate the cuteness factor. Where did that piano come from? It looks perfect for the whole setting!

    Alive as Always


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