Outfit: Chasing Dreams in Blushing Floral

We chased after this train intending to capture it as part of the backdrop for this photo set.  We have yet found a way to cross this fence barrier to actually take pictures on the train tracks. I advise all caution when attempting these kinds of things. You never know what can happen. Anyway, we hurriedly snapped some photos, but many of them turned out unusable! What a pity. Either I'm in the midst of blinking or mid-turn where it all looks so awkward. The train passed us by and disappeared as quickly as it came.

As we watched the train ride off into the distance, I couldn't help but think about the direction my life was going. I'm experiencing a kind of growth I can't really explain. I'm reaching out and each connection I make with another human being has begun to take root inside me. I'm beginning to value these interactions and expecting nothing in return. And I feel a kind of contentment settling over me. I feel like a young sapling hat has taken decades of pruning to produce that one single, precious blossom. Does it always take this long I wonder?

What I wore:
Dress: old
Oxfords: eBay
Watch: Invicta



  1. That dress is soooo beautiful! Really like one of the prettiest dresses I've seen in a long time, and you look so lovely in it! You look like a doll and I love how you've styled it with the oxfords.
    I'm also happy for you describing what you're going through. It sounds very meaningful and nice!
    Much love,


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