TBT: Musings in Japan: Ochazuke & Matcha Parfait

 Inside this beautiful multi-story mall with its lovely white Christmas tree was a most delicious restaurant that serves a very interesting dish called ochazuke, which quickly became my favorite dish to eat. To this day I still crave it but there is nothing like it here in So Cal - at least as far as I know.

 Ochazuke is typically a meal consisting of a bowl of rice with whatever toppings that are part of that set and a hot pot of tea which you pour over the rice. It's almost like a soup and quite filling. And it's so yummy! I could eat it all day and never tire of it. It was especially nice during the cold winter season. My buddies took me here because they knew how much I love to eat it. They were always so sweet and thoughtful.

 As public transportation via subway/train is excellent in Japan and the main mode of transportation, you'll see some interesting characters from time to time.

 I have never been able to find matcha parfait like this in the So Cal either and it pained me greatly to return knowing I will never eat it again. And so I ate it very often during the last part of my stay. Needless to say, my waistband expanded quite a bit! I think many of us had that same thought and ate out very nearly every meal just because we knew we would be going home and never be able to eat certain things again. And we took every opportunity to snap photos of us with our food. I don't know why but we all did it. Are you hungry yet? I am. It's making me very hungry looking all this! Oh, this trip down memory lane has turned out to be exquisitely painful.



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