Outfit: Tartan or Plaid, My Dear?

I've never been one to wear plaid button-up shirts, which seem to crop up every where during the fall/winter seasons. Dresses or skirts? Yes, please! I also haven't ever come across anyone who refers to them as "tartan" prints either. I don't know about you, but it just doesn't roll off the tongue the way "plaid shirts" do. On the other hand, I'm perfectly fine saying "tartan dress or skirt". Why is that? Aren't plaid and tartan used interchangeably? I'd love to hear your opinions!

 These photos were shot while I was still in California. I should already be traveling quite some ways on the road toward Seattle, Washington by now. I've never driven that far north before. The furthest would have to be San Francisco, which is going to be one our stops along the way. I've got my eye on you too, Portland. Alas, I won't be back until after the new year so...!

Happy New Year!

What I wore:
Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: JOA (gifted)
Oxfords: Miz Mooz
Photos: John (& me!)



  1. I love this outfit! The dress is beautiful, and it's got a certain school girl charm together with the jumper! I love you in plaid/tartan!
    About the whole tartan vs plaid thing... isn't tartan the Scottish fabrics, while plaid is just all criss-cross fabrics? Or something like that. I'm not sure though...
    Anyway, you look so lovely and cosy. Absolutely beautiful.
    Much love,

  2. That dress is so adorable on you, Zoey! Especially the way you ingeniously style it ;)
    I think I read somewhere once that plaid encompasses all criss-cross or overlapping lines pattern. So it would be like 'plaid' is the major genre, with little subgenres, such as gingham, tartan and checkered. Or something like that.
    This particular one, I believe, is indeed called tartan, though. Well, I don't know, maybe you can look it up. I can be easily mistaken.

    Alive as Always


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