TBT: Postcards from Seattle: Troll Under the Bridge

 Our trip to Seattle would not be complete without a visit to the infamous troll under the bridge. I apologize in advance if I don't look super excited to be there. I hate to admit it but I've gotta have that first sip of coffee to wake me up in the mornings! We had decided to visit the troll before walking down the steep hill to the coffee shop around the corner. And you can probably tell I was not quite awake and lively.

As this is a popular tourist attraction, trying to snag a photo without other limbs or bodies appearing somewhere in the pictures was nearly impossible! We thought it was adorable that someone planted a Christmas tree next to the troll (we went to Seattle for our New Year's vacation). Poor little boy. He was struggling so hard to climb the troll's hand. That's it for today! I know it was short, but I promise next week will be longer.


Until next time...!



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