Outfit: A Clog Kind of Day

 All too often, I have found myself staring longingly at Swedish Hasbeens, but unable to make the commitment to pay that much for a pair. So, when these Target versions came out many years ago, I knew I had to have them. Unfortunately, they've hardly seen the light of day. I'm such a klutz when it comes to wearing heels that I can't bother with the effort of wearing them. When I was younger, my mother would often tease me saying, "Walking confidently in heels is the mark of a woman." Well, at this rate, I'm never going to be a full-fledged woman!

 I don't necessarily see anything wrong with that, Mom. I did think the raised platform would make it easier to walk, but I was dead wrong. All that extra height took some getting used to. Going from 5'2" to 5'6" is no easy task for someone like me. My perception was greatly altered. Suddenly, I could see everything! I don't know how true that is, but it certainly felt like it anyhow. On another note, I'm not a big fan of babydoll dresses as they can make one look pregnant. They do come in handy on those days when you're feeling bloated (does that happen to anyone else when the weather gets real hot?).


What I wore:
Dress: sample sale
Heels: Target (old)
Photos: John & me



  1. I think you look lovely in both the dress and the heels.
    I can totally relate about the height thing. I also find it very weird suddenly being taller...
    Much love,


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