Outfit: Just Peachy

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon! I gave into the allure of these perfect summer sandals. I had one years ago and wore it to death. Not sure why I didn’t buy another. I liked them so much! These ankle wrap espadrilles from ASOS are a recent addition to my wardrobe. I think they pair so well with jeans (as shown in this photo set). I certainly can’t wait to wear them with summer dresses. By the way, I’ve also been seeing this hue pop up everywhere I go. I’m normally not very fond of pink, but I’m okay with this. Such a cute peachy pink!

 Is it strange?

 I find myself pulling on pants/jeans more often these days. Who am I?! My automatic thought when I reach for them is, “I’m feeling lazy today. Let’s put on some jeans.” But jeans don’t always have to be for lazy days, you say. Yes, yes, I’m convinced you’re right. So, I pried myself out of that feeling and threw on this top. And ta-dah~ I was magically transformed. No longer jeans + t-shirt but jeans + blouse! You get a whole different kind of vibe, you know? And because I'm so short and I'm too lazy to get them hemmed, most often I'll just roll them up or tuck them under like this!

P.S. At the end of the day, I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. I really need to sleep more...


What I wore:
Blouse: F21
Jeans: BDG from UO
Espadrilles: ASOS (similar)
Photos: John & me



  1. Gorgeous outfit! Jeans + blouse or jeans + t shirt always is a good idea in my book. :) I do wear jeans pretty frequently, too, especially when it's chilly out. These photos are beautiful! I am very jealous of all the flowers. ;)



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