Outfit: Ruffle My Blouse

I thought this Victorian steampunk inspired outfit was quite perfect for a gloomy, overcast day, which I do enjoy very much despite living in the sunshine state. This ruffled H&M blouse has been with me for many, many years. I've worn it so many ways and will keep on wearing it until the seams fall apart. It's easily one of my favorite blouses in the world. I am rather mindful of how often I do wear it though because I don't want to wear it down so fast. Anyway, I'm on the lookout for another similar blouse just in case I manage to cause some irreparable damage to this one.

I had always seen this wide empty field with the towering power lines and wanting to run through it - probably not a good idea. So when we found this little area with a clear view of them, I was ecstatic! I love the way they raise above the ground with their lines tethered every which way far into the distance. I never cared for them as a child and thought they were electric snakes that would electrify me to death the way an eel would. Frankly, they terrified me. And *gasp* look at me now!

I finally got a new phone this past weekend after suffering with a badly cracked phone for over a year. I kept putting it off and eventually I didn't even notice the cracks any more. I needed to make some changes to my phone plan anyway. Might as well, right? So, I've replaced my Samsung Galaxy S3 with the iPhone 6S in Gold! I've been an Android user all this time so it did take some getting used to. All and all, I'm quite happy with it. I do feel like a traitor though. *sad face*


What I wore:
Blouse: H&M (old)
Dress: H&M
Heels: La Redoute
Photos: John & me



  1. Love that skirt! I had a feeling skirts with suspenders would be making a comeback soon :). And brave you! Standing so close to the electric snakes! :D Good thing there is a fence between you and them ;).

  2. You look so cute, Zoey! I love the combination of this outfit. That skirt makes you look 10x cuter ;) Love the photography too! Taking pictures in places like this is a little blogger dream of mine but, unfortunately, I haven't been lucky enough to get that far away to take outfit photos—plus no one would accompany me.
    Oh no! Why did you decide to abandon Android? :'(

    Alive as Always


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