Outfit: Of Butterflies and Buttons

 Having spotted a large yellow Monarch butterfly, I could not help but look on with a certain glee. I don't come across butterflies very often, and when I do, they are a thing of wonder. You see, I'm not particularly fond of bugs. A writhing, slimy earthworm and just like a cat, I will leap a mile away. I kid you not. I've got witnesses. However, I cannot deny a butterfly's delicate beauty. They slowly emerge from their cocoons, iridescent wings softly fluttering and powder thin. A touch could blow them away. I think it's rather morbid that they live only a few precious days in this state of splendor. They will never land on me, or so I hope.
There was this guy I knew at the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles where I used to work. He once told me he'd never seen anyone dressed like me, said I was different and that it was refreshing. That was the first day I wore this skirt. I paid less than a burger for it, and I love it to bits! I have seen shorter versions of this button denim skirt, and even contemplated getting it hemmed, but for now I like it just the way it is.

These photos were taken after donating a couple bags of old clothes on Wednesday, as it was "National Give Something Away Day". I wanted to do some thrift shopping as well, but was short on time (and still needed to clear out my closet).

What I wore:
Top: mall boutique
Skirt: H&M, thrifted
Sandals: Asos



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