Outfit: Enjoying the Sunshine...Not

 I understand the importance of going outside and getting a healthy daily dose of vitamin D (sunshine). But then you come across those days when it's simply much better to stay inside. This...this was one of those days. How to look poised and composed when you're already hot and sweaty and you've only been out in the sun for less than five minutes? Well, you put your hair up in milkmaid braids and keep a smile on - and pretend it's a delightfully fresh spring day with lovely little birds trilling in the nice shady trees. And then refuse to leave the shade for your photo shoot.

Using sunglasses as a filter.
 How awesome are these ruffly sleeves? This is supposed to be a crop top but it was just long enough to be tucked inside the skirt. It did come loose though if I moved too much, which can result in a rather sloppy look. Luckily, that didn't happen too often. It can also be worn off the shoulder but generally, I'm not too comfortable with exposing my shoulders for some reason. Makes me feel kinda naked, I guess. I don't know. I do think it would be so pretty worn that way but maybe I can find a way to make it work.

I know I've said this before but my hair is able to go into a milkmaid braid much easier now. Even better than before. And this makes me unbelievably happy. I'm super excited for when it grows some more and I can make it look more substantial. Doesn't help that my hair is so dark. Makes it difficult to see anyway. And speaking of dark, it really is like a black abyss. It will not take to any dyes. The only way to even get any sort of color is to bleach it on a nuclear level and then I might be lucky enough to get a light brown (or no hair left at all, hah!). I did use a special dye formulated for super dark hair over half a year ago. It contained a moderate amount of bleach. I chose the middle lightest color and dyed it twice at different times. The dark brown you can sort of see in this picture is a result of this. I've since grown it out, deciding it was a lost cause. Such is life.


What I wore:
Blouse: mall boutique
Skirt: vintage via Etsy
Flats: Corso Como
Photos: John & me



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