Outfit: Earnestly Hemming Away: Floral Skirts & Vintage Mary Janes

 Looking at this skirt, you'd never know it was once a maxi skirt with awful, tacky looking frills at the hem. I had purchased it many years ago during a sale at H&M during the holidays. Not sure if any of you would recognize it now. Makes me kick myself for not doing a before picture, but you'll understand soon enough. I love a good sale (and you know I can't resist floral prints) so I figured I'd just cut off the frills and fix the hem myself.

 Well, I did cut off the hem, but it wasn't until recently that I got around to hemming it. By this time, much of the fabric had horrendous fraying (they looked like tassels) and I had to cut all that off. Maxi skirt no more! I honestly think knee-length skirts are very flattering for us shorties. And really, it didn't take very long to sew the hem. No more than 10 minutes max. I really don't know why I put it off for so long. Remind me to kick myself again. I could have been wearing it all this time!

 I've got a pair of 3-strap mary jane heels, which I've got to admit can be a pain to put on and take off. And now, I've got this new-to-me vintage pair from Etsy. The leather itself is in great condition. I do have to be careful with the straps but they'll last me a while. I couldn't be more pleased with them. Aren't they so pretty? In case anyone is wondering because my mom always does, I am careful to clean all vintage items before I wear them. I can be a clean freak about things that come into contact with my body.

P.S. Is anyone else as excited as I am about Halloween?!


What I wore:
Blouse: old
Skirt: H&M (old/sale)
Heels: vintage from Etsy
Photos: John & me



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