Outfit: Playdate at the Canals

 So, I really had no idea that Miley Cyrus made clothing (I don't really follow celebrities). Well, imagine my surprise when I picked this romper off the rack while thrift shopping. I was drawn by the floral print and style of the romper itself. It screamed 90s to me and we all know very well how popular that style is nowadays. While I do think rompers in general are a pain to wear, what bothers me more is how naked I feel when I use the restroom - especially the public ones! I get a tad bit paranoid that some prying eye might be peeking into the little crack between the door stalls. It's probably all in my head but a girl can't help it when she's had to practically undress.

 I thought the greatest thing and worst thing about this romper was that it buttons up in the back. I absolutely love this on dress and would prefer to have all my dresses like this. But on a romper...not so much. Practicality pretty much goes down the drain. Such a pain to undo and put back on. Next time, I won't drinking so much water. Unfortunately, summer makes me so thirsty! Sad days.

This dog is almost as tall as me!


What I wore:
Romper: thrifted
Jacket: Target
Sandals: vintage via Etsy
Photos: John



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