Outfit: Hidden Agenda

I think I've finally found my niche: thrifted/vintage clothing. Took me long enough. A year of blogging without any real direction. As you already know, I've always had a great love for vintage clothing, but never really put myself out there and aggressively search in thrift shops like I do now. This increased activity is actually serving me a purpose, but more on that another time. Until then, it's a secret! Anyway, this skirt I'm wearing was from a recent thrifting adventure. It was so interesting that I pondered over it for a while, thinking what a peculiar and clever thing it was!

 It looks like any normal skirt, right?

 Well, guess what?

It's not! And there is only one discreet side pocket on the left of the skort. How strange is that? I've never come across a skirt, dress, shorts, or pants that only had a single pocket. I love anything with pockets. I've a natural tendency to stick my hands into the pockets of my clothing. It's just so comfy and safe. So, imagine my utter disdain when my left hand easily slipped into its allotted pocket while my right hand continued searching over the area where there is supposed to be one for it and there is none to be found! Naked and bare, sad and lonely without its cozy pocket.

And oddly enough, that's why I like this skort so much. Surely, one of the quirkiest piece of clothing I've ever owned.

I haven't been very kind to my camera in all this time that I've taken pictures, which goes back many years. It's suffered a lot of abuse from me, but has surprisingly held up extremely well. As soon as I saw this super cute kitty bag at Daiso I knew it was going to be perfect for my camera. It's the cutest, sturdiest little thing. It's got a bit of cushion and is quite roomy - though not enough for my tripod unfortunately. And really, it's supposed to be a lunch bag but I'd say, it serves its purpose well!

Smile for the camera!


What I wore:
Blouse: H&M
Skort: thrifted
Sandals: New Look
Bag: Daiso

Photos: John & me



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