Outfit: Set My Heart Aglow

 Some days we find ourselves chasing after the last rays of sunlight with our hearts beating rapidly against our chests, wondering if we'll make it in time. And when we do, it's simply the best feeling. But we can't relax for long. Eyes scout out all the possible locations and lips paint the scenes. Sometimes it always doesn't work out and we just shoot continuously, hoping the bullet will hit dead center. Time is so precious during these moments, but I love it.

 This vintage floral dress has been with me for ages. It's one of the dresses I bought when I first dipped my toes into thrifted and vintage clothing. It'll always have a special place in my heart. I remember being so excited about it. I wore it nonstop for quite some time, so proud of myself then. My love for things feminine and floral really took root at that time as well. I was discovering my likes and dislike, developing my own personal style. And I already know I'll live to the end of my days in floral dresses and long, white streaming hair and all. And my 5 cats. Not sure how I feel about having kids (rather resistant to the idea at the moment). My family and neighbors will probably think I'm a crazy old lady. The little kids will truly believe I'm a witch when they go trick-or-treating during Halloween but that's okay. I actually like that idea!


What I wore:
Dress: vintage
Flats: Corso Como
Photos: John & me



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