Outfit: Bittersweet in Red

 Many things didn't work out this weekend. I was to wear this outfit to a nice dinner in honor of our 8 years together, but I didn't expect to get so violently ill. I had woken up early and ran off into the park to snap these photos all by myself. John was still asleep. I wanted to surprise him by getting all dolled up in this sweet dress and lovely coat, which I completely abandoned right after this shoot because the weather was exceedingly hot. So, dinner didn't happen. We were also supposed to get brunch on Sunday with our friends but had to cancel that too. Sad days.

 It is what it is. We've already decided to make up for it next week. We're not super romantic or anything. After so many years together, we're absolutely okay with eating In-n-Out or Costco pizza (cheese is the best!) instead of going to a fancy steakhouse or Italian restaurant. And often forget when our anniversary is. Yes, me and him both. Sometimes he's the one to remind me. Sometimes we don't remember at all and we just laugh at each other when we finally do. It's quite all right. What's important is that we're there for each other. Our feelings for each other are enough.

  I often don't like wearing all black. I feel compelled to pair a bright contrasting color, like this bright red coat, to bring more character to the outfit. I think it's because my hair is already so dark that it just makes all the dark colors blend together, making an otherwise interesting outfit look drab. That is not to say that people who wear all black are boring. I think they look wonderful, but it's not a look for me. It doesn't suit my style or personality. Once in a blue moon, yes. And you'll probably see me with a bright lipstick to offset all the black garments.


What I wore:
Dress: One & Only for UO
Coat: F21
Heels: vintage from Etsy
Photos: me



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