Outfit: A Velvet Panoply

 And so we come to this at last. The Velvet Panoply. I felt this name perfectly reflected the reason why I dress the way I do. I grew up with friends who weren't as interested in clothes/appearance as I was and often felt overdressed when we went anywhere. I was very self conscious of this but did not let it bother me because I felt comfortable and safe in the dress or blouse/skirt I wore. I felt like me. I love to wear soft, pretty, feminine things. This is who I am. I don't wear these things to garner attention. Attention is the last thing I want but because I differ from others around me, I obviously do stick out like a sore thumb at times. But I am happiest and brightest when I dress for myself. Just like a gleaming armor is part of a knight, my clothes are an extention of me. I feel good and condident.  I feel powerful in my own way. Do I need them to feel like this? No. And I honestly think as a matter of self expression, it is key to do what makes one happy. If I am seen as vain or conceited because I'd rather slip on my pretty clothes, then so be it. It surely will not be the death of me.

 On another note, I had waited months for the weather to get cooler after finding this vintage gem at a thrift store. I was getting so impatient and finally the temperature dropped a little. It wasn't chilly enough but I didn't care. The fabric is such a beautiful deep purple and has the most wonderful, lush velvet texture. Unfortunately, there is a little hole at the bottom hem but it's easily mended. The dress was so dark that it was a little difficult to capture on camera but I promise it is beautiful! I tried to match my lipstick but as I'm not a fan of dark purple lipstick, I had to make do with a NYX lip suede cream I had in Cherry Skies.

P.S. Of course some days I do wear jeans and T-shirts. *shrugs*


What I wore:
Dress: thrifted vintage
Booties: Diba
Photos: John



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