Outfit: Sweet Revelry in Pleats & Ruffles

  I attended a wedding this past weekend and was not really up for fancy attire as I'd been sick nearly the entire week. Regretfully, I couldn't make it to the ceremony. Since the reception wouldn't take place until evening, I dropped by the park to kill some time. It was a beautiful day with clouds slowly blanketing the sky, bringing temperatures down to a pleasant temperature. The wind blew soft and gentle, the rustling of leaves a comforting sound. While families were out having lively picnics and peering curiously over at me, I was quite happy spending time alone by myself at the park. Most people fear being alone in public places, but I've come to enjoy it immensely lately. It's a very liberating and peaceful feeling. Aside from the two young men who playfully shouted "Say cheese!" at me, the photoshoot went well. I'm starting to get over my anxiety of onlookers judging me or stealing my equipment.  My battery was fully charged. And no one derailed me from my purpose for 20 minutes with their lifestory this time either. 

 Anyhow, this is hands down my favorite outfit of the year. At first when I got this dress from a JOA sample sale from a company where I used to work, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I loved the wool-blend fabric and design (and it was super cheap!), but it was very ill-fitting. I did some basic hemming, bringing in the shoulders to bring up the waistline. It was hanging down to my belly button beforehand. Not a flattering look at all. Let's just say, it's staying in my closet forever. I really can't imagine myself wearing it without this ruffle sleeve blouse I got from Larmoni last year (I wore it here for the very first time). It's a match made in heaven!

 On a side note, I thought the most interesting thing about these heels, which I purchased many years ago when I was in Japan, was the size. Most shoes - if not all - I found in Japan were labeled as S, M, or L. As an American, I was used to shoe sizes being associated with numbers. So when I saw this, I was so surprised and confused. Japanese sizing is smaller than American in terms of both clothing and footwear. While I'm on the smaller end of the spectrum in American sizing, usually a XS/S in clothes and 6.5 in shoes, I was considered a Medium there. Just one of the culture shocks I experienced during my stay in Japan.


What I wore:
Blouse: Larmoni
Dress: JOA (sample sale)
Heels: Japan
Photos: me



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