Outfit: A Fool in Gold

Indeed, a silly fool I was. I was excited to do this shoot because it was finally cool enough to wear this mustard beret I knitted last week. I had left my home and scampered off into the park without bothering to check one very important thing: my camera battery. I happily set up the tripod, managed some test shots, and watched a couple of squirrels play in the trees. All was ready. I ran on over to my spot and posed a few times while the self-timer went off. Ran back to check the photos. "Not bad," I said to myself as I deleted all the fails. As soon as I returned from a second round of photos, I saw that awful blinking warning on the display that tells you the battery is low and can't take anymore pictures! So, these were all that I managed to take. It really was unfortunate because I was quite eager to practice different angles as I don't always want to depend on someone else to do it. So, let this be a lesson for us all. Don't forget to charge your battery and always check before you leave!

 Of all the vintage clothing I own, this is the most precious to me. I remember when I first saw it wedged among all the other blouses. My heart was thumping so hard. What a gem. How could anyone have passed this up? I looked over the seams and could tell it was handmade. The high scrunched collar gives it a rather romantic flair. The fabric is the loveliest thing I ever laid eyes one. Lovely soft grey flowers against a rich gold background. I'm not sure what it's made of. Not cotton or polyester - perhaps some blend but it's smooth and not quite silky. It's looks so pretty on camera too.


What I wore:
Blouse: vintage thrifted
Pinafore: H&M
Shoes: vintage through Etsy
Beret: myself
Photos: me



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