Outfit: Kindled Flame, Thy Rose So Sweet

 With the lack of fall foliage in my life - aside from artificial decorations exploding from all the stores I visit - I find myself impulsively drawn to autumnal golds and russet reds. Even pumpkin oranges like this knit top I purchased from Uniqlo. You cannot imagine the happiness that alighted me as soon as I found out that Uniqlo stores were opening in select areas around me. When I was living in Japan for a short time many years ago, I'd visit the store quite often. I was unprepared for the cold weather in Japan as I was used to winters in California. I was completely enamored by the "Heat-Tec" technology in some of their basic clothing. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It's supposed to keep heat in so you stay warmer. And it really does. I still have one of the striped, long sleeved shirts I bought then, which I save for when it gets really cold. Makes me kinda sweaty otherwise.

Pretending I have feelings.
 Bangs are just long enough to sweep back into a bun now. I consider that a major accomplishment. The awkward phase is almost over!


What I wore:
Top: Uniqlo
Pinafore: F21
Loafers: South Korea
Photos: John & me



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