Outfit: Wine Not A Golden Winter

While I didn't experience a white Christmas (no white frosted winters here in SoCal!), the weather here has finally been cold enough that I could throw on a thick coat without sweating profusely. Autumn seems to have arrived late in our sunny state, but that's nothing to be surprised about. I'm  thoroughly enjoying it, however. Surrounded by all these beautiful leaves, what's not to love? Well, it's more like a couple of maple trees scattered here and there that we see on the road. We can't help but stop and take a look, slowly taking in this rare scene. They're not overly abundant here. I would like to take a trip to the east coast one day just to view the fall foliage. If that Family Guy episode speaks true about how congested and crowded it gets during leaf peeping season, I'm not sure I could handle it! I do have to say that during my stay many years ago that autumn in Japan, especially Kyoto, is absolutely stunning. I noticed the Japanese maple leaves were smaller and more delicate. And they turn a beautiful deep crimson red. It's amazing how many temples there are and the walks leading to them are so peaceful and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to visit them all. I would love to visit again some day.

Why, hello there, little guy!


What I wore:
Dress: ASOS
Coat: F21 
Heels: La Redoute
Photos: John & me



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