Outfit: 'Tis the Season

 ...to be jolly! Christmas is just days away and I feel like I'm walking in a daze of dazzling ornaments, twinkling lights and glittering tinsels. Everywhere I go, I am bombarded by displays of decked out Christmas trees and holiday streamers, brilliant and colorful under bright white lights. Every corner is a scene in itself. Scents of cinnamon and sugar and rich, sweet chocolate waft under my nose, and just a little longer, I might find myself inside a candy shop with bags full of sweets. And the nostalgic sound of classic Christmas music echo from a distance, recalling tender memories of our precious childhood. All this to say, I'm not ready for Christmas yet! I haven't wrapped any of my presents yet. I still need to sew on the eyes and nose of my fox scarves. I'm determined to knit until my hands can no longer move, stiff and clawlike. Who knows, you may find me resembling a zombie on Christmas day. Though I hope not. I want my face to be bright and cheerful, eyes sparkling with anticipation and excitement - just like those faces you see on TV.

I've been a huge fan of Mod Dolly for a while now. I've got a deep love for mod/70s fashion but I can't always pull it off. So, when John decided to gift me some things from Mod Dolly in celebration of our 9-year anniversary, I was really excited! And I was happy to discover that one of the things on sale was this pinafore. Lucky for me, my size was still available in this colorway and the olive. If you weren't aware before, I like pinafores (and corduroy). A lot. To some, they make seem childish or too cutesy, but I think they are so much fun to wear. And they usually come with pockets (the best one is in the front)! Who doesn't like pockets?

I wish you all a splendid winter holiday!


What I wore:
Top: Larmoni (similar)
Pinafore: Mod Dolly
Jacket: Foreign Exchange
Oxfords: vintage
Photos: John & me



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