Outfit: A Spectacle to Behold

 As I face away from you, gazing at the delicate blossoms eagerly bursting forth in a spectacular array of lilac pink, you start to wonder what sort of secret I'm about to tell you. I've mentioned it a couple of times before, but I'm quite sure that by now you've forgotten. You've never once seen me with it. Are you ready? Let's begin the count down.


 Notice anything different?

 Not the be big, scandalous secret you were hoping for, huh? Spectacles, indeed! Very rarely do I wear them when photographing for the blog. Not sure why that is, but I'd prefer to do without them. And what's more, I'm not wearing any eye makeup in these photos! I'm one of those gals who lives for eyeliner and mascara. However, I thought it'd be fun to show you all my naked face. Well, I did cheat and use some lip color! But, shh, we'll keep quiet about that now.

Okay, I lied. That wasn't the secret I was going to tell you. I might have giggled a little while writing this. Actually, the real secret is... my Etsy shop! *insert shameless self promotion* I just opened it up recently a couple of months ago and had been working on adding more items before announcing it to everyone. Hoping to turn it into my ideal shop in months to come! So, there you have it. The cat's out of the bag!

 Spring has swooped across our state - and everywhere around the world - in a mad frenzy of blossoming flowers, scenting the air with their lovely fragrance. I see people everywhere stopping in their tracks to admire the magnificent view. They take their sweet time to smell the flowers, simply enjoying the renewal of life. I hear all around me the murmurs and gasps of awe, a well of mirth bubbling deep within their throats. I can't help but smile a little to myself when I see these sorts of things. I feel warm and happy inside. The burst of bright colors and lifted spirits after a dark, dreary winter really brings things to perspective. 


What I wore:
Blouse: F21
Skirt: F21
Flats: Target
Purse: She + Lo
Photos: John & me



  1. Congratulations on opening an Etsy shop! I already went over and checked out the listings. Although I'm in love with some of the items, unfortunately I don't think I can support you financially at the moment. But I do wish all the best for you, I'm pretty sure you'd be making some sales soon ˆ ˆ
    How do you decide to open up an Etsy shop, if I may ask? I'm currently contemplating if I should do the same—though not in the same category—and I'm scared shitless to actually do it.

    Alive as Always

    1. Hello there, Bivi. I completely understand! You don't have to feel obligated to buy anything. I'm just very happy you checked out the shape. I'm currently trying to add more afforadable items on there at the moment. So, it'll meet all price ranges.

      It's actually suuuuuper easy to open an Etsy shop. It's about 20 cents for 4 months per listing. The hard part was getting the business/tax/occupancy license to sell in my city. Took months. Ugh, that was such a headache. I'd recommend checking with your city to see if you're required to have those things. You might not even need to. It's strict where I live.


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