Outfit: How Sweet Thy Fuchsia Petals

You may be seeing this dress for the first time here on this blog, but I've owned it for many years now. You will come to understand that this is the case with a lot of the outfits I post on this blog. It was during H&M's spring end-of-season sale and I snatched it up for only $10! I was a huge bargain shopper back in the day when my college life ruled my wallet. I am still am now, but to a lesser extent. I've built my wardrobe from the ground up and it's full of the clothes I love. I cycle through my old clothes and wear the same exact outfits again and again - only I don't photograph them all the time. As to acquiring new clothes, I don't go out and buy much nowadays.

While my support for ethical fashion only grows stronger, I often find myself caught in-between the tug-of-war of fast fashion and slow fashion. I am one who has witnessed firsthand the exploits that occur in sweatshops. Even then, I can't help but to be tempted by the allure of the big brands. How's a girl, who loves beautiful, cute, charming clothes, to resist? How to deal with the guilt? I do what I can to support small businesses. I buy used clothing and I rewear the ones I have. I save up to splurge a little on ethically made clothing, which I don't do often enough. I feel this is not enough, but it is a step forward for me.


What I wore:
Dress: H&M
Sandals: Nicole
Bag: LD
Photos: John



  1. Zoey, I almost cry happy tears as I'm reading this post :')
    I'm so, so, so happy to know that you support ethical/slow fashion, and I totally understand how hard it can get sometime. I didn't stop buying from retail until 2014—but even then I still bought stuff from local brands, which aren't necessarily ethical. I think you're definitely moving in the right direction by trying to love your old stuff more. You'll be surprised how many gems we actually already own ;)

    Alive as Always


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